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Erotic Movie Game

Erotic Hot Lingerie  |  Gifts, Games, Accessories |  Sexy Games And Novelties |  Sexy Games |  Erotic Movie Game

GA3005 Erotic Movie Game

GA3005 Erotic Movie Game
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The Erotic Movie Game is a game of love for two.

Play the game, be a star, be the characters and feel the heat!

There are 3 fun film scripts to play:

Film 1: Sexy Doctor Cures her (Very Fit) patient. (Female Doctor / Male Patient) The rugged, attractive patient has become besotted with the sexy attractive female doctor and he is prolonging his stay just to see more of this lady who appears more sexy and alluring with each visit. She, in fact, has got the hots for him and she tries, in various ways, to tantalise.... but he is a patient and he is a doctor. Impossible! Then on her next visit....

Film 2: Bedside Manner Drives His Patient Wild. (Male Doctor / Female Patient). She is in hospital because the break up with her lover has left her weak and vulnerable. She hasn't thought of sex in 3 months since the break up and doctors believe that her problem may be due to the sudden change from her highly charged love life. One doctor in particular is extremely interested in her case and, in his few visits, her thoughts have changed from mild interest to rampant lust for this attractive doctor who's touch is firm, yet gentle....

Film 3: Doctor Its the New Nurse, -"Please Examine Me!" (Male Doctor / Female Nurse). The arrival of the sexy nurse at the small private clinic stirs the heart and loins of the doctor there. Each day, she seems to dress more provocatively, stare at him more wantonly and their casual touch during the routines of the day sends shivers of lustful expectation down the spine of the attractive doctor. From their first meeting, her emotions have been in turmoil and now she literally aches for this refined, knowledgeable, sexy man to douse the flames of passion burning inside her when ever.....

The director on the audio CD and the story board cards will help guide you through this new and exciting experience!

Set of 24 storyboard cards, 3 script cards, Audio CD, instructions.

Price: 13.99

Erotic Hot Lingerie  |  Gifts, Games, Accessories |  Sexy Games And Novelties |  Sexy Games |  Erotic Movie Game